Dating for parents

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We believe this makes for a safer and more understanding environment in which to find a date.

At home, she realized she “craved adventure,” she says.

“Tell them what is and isn’t okay: 'Don't expect me home for dinner every night, I’ll do my own laundry,' whatever.

You're not 12 anymore, and you don't want to fall back into those old patterns.”Carla is now living on her own and finishing up grad school (she’s getting a degree in communications).

“Once, I was out at a bar with friends, and a guy I [had a crush on] met up with us,” she remembers.

“We ended up going back to his place, and the whole time I was thinking, I have to be back home before my parents notice I stayed out all night. This level of control frustrated Carla, making her feel like she’d regressed. “I told her that I knew she was worried about me, but I was an adult who had already lived on her own, and I needed to be treated as such,” Carla explains.

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