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This created a significant economy of scale, allowing the company to rely upon factory automation rather than skilled labor for rough shaping of components and basic assembly tasks.

Even so, 60% of the construction process was still done by hand, including planing, fretting, joining, and assembly.

These Ash Bodied Guitars were only produced in extremely small numbers for the domestic market. Some Guitars were produced with the Urushi finish and again these were mostly produced for the domestic market, in both red and brown urushi lacquer.

The vast majority of these would have Ash Bodies and the export models would be Maple.

Some of these were made with Maple bodies but higher end had Ash Body models such as the PE1000 with Protomatic pickups and the PE1500 with Di Marzio Pickups.The solution was to use wood that had been dried for at least two years, stronger glues with longer clamp times, and one feature that remained throughout Matsumoku’s production: the 3 piece maple neck.The relationship between the two companies was both amicable and symbiotic.Arai and Company guitars were briefly labeled Arai, and then switched to the familiar Aria around 1966.Aria Diamond was a name chosen for its early hollow bodied electric guitars.

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