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St Nicholas parades the streets accompanied by children dressed as angels, wise men and shepherds, while dozens of devil-like characters terrorise the town on the Krampus run.The Goldener Adler in Innsbruck – History and Life dating back to 1390.In 2016, as many as 321 graphic designers and illustrators from 27 countries entered their works. The jury, finding that the quality level was exceptionally high, has nominated 81 submissions for a main prize.This exhibition presents the 34 main winners, who received a JBA16 trophy.The farmers’ market (Markthalle) takes place on a Saturday morning for those looking for a culinary keepsake.

Lovingly designed nativity scenes are displayed for all to admire and traditional delicacies like Christmas biscuits are served. Euro in Erhaltung und Ausbau eines modernen und effizienten Kanalnetzes für Innsbruck.Mit dem neuen Hochwasserpumpwerk am Innsbrucker Marktplatz wurde jetzt ein weiteres, wichtiges Großprojekt der... Bei der vom Gesetzgeber vorgeschriebenen Einführung von intelligenten Stromzählern wird es ernst.The “Christmas in the Mountains” celebration in Igls is a particularly special and wonderful custom that brings together the entire village and features a parade of locals dressed in historic costumes.If you want to experience a parade in Innsbruck, check out the “Christkindleinzug” just before Christmas when hundreds of children dressed as angels, shepherds and the baby Jesus parade through the city.

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