Dating old nails

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It was named as such for HM Queen Victoria of England who reigned from 1836 - 1901. Hand-forged nails were the first manufactured nails, and they date back to Biblical times.

...[T]he house's style is called Italianate which ran from roughly the 1840's though about the turn of the century." From Jeremiah B. As people first used hewn beams, timbers, planks, and whole logs to build with, the early hand-made nails were spikes.

Why else would a carpenter need 17 different-sized nails ranging from 4" to 3/4" in length with different heads? The interior stairway is curved with wood paneling.

The house is wood-framed with wood flooring and sub-flooring throughout. Though lacking traditional "gingerbread" trim, the fascia is adorned with scalloped escutcheons. At the time, dimension lumber (2 x 4, 2 x 6, etc.) measured the full dimension.

After the nails were recovered, a blacksmith could easily straighten any nails that had been bent during construction.The air gun nail resembles the cut nail of old with the exception that the head is "T"-shaped rather than battened on all four sides.You can learn more about hand-forged nails and machine-made nails in Part 4 of Antebellum Ironworks at this website.With the cut nail, two sides are parallel because they represent the thickness of the plate they were sheared from.Cut nails could be manufactured much faster than hand-forged nails.

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