Dating opposites attract

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If one does not have self-love, they may need someone different to prove they are actually loveable.” What’s most interesting here, is that many people may not even realize they’re deliberately choosing a partner who has physical similar traits to themselves because most often, we’re picking partners based off of intuition and emotions, rather than a logical process.

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Another study, done by Five Thirty, conducted an analysis of users on the popular dating site e Harmony, finding that men and women are much more likely to message those who are similar to them not only in education, race, and income, but also in looks.

All of this is what will really increase your chances of a healthy, long-term future together.

So remember, just because you may have found your opposite-sex twin–two blondes or two perfect smiles–that combo doesn’t always make a right.

You might feel that a partner is just like you on the inside, simply because he or she looks like you on the outside,” says Nicholson.

Choosing similar-looking partners also plays into the desire to have kids.

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