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Really well written and actually seems complex enough to allow for very different playthroughs.With other games like this, I would probably complain about the lack of "cutscenes" with 3D models, but what's there more than makes up for it. Edit: Finished it just now for the first time, and I have to wonder -- is there a resolution to the Lily storyline after her and I run away from the shop? I didn't have high expectations due to my experience with other RPG Maker games like this, but this has blown me away so far.Beauty is how classically beautiful you are, and Raunch describes how viscerally sexual you look (big tits hanging out, etc).Generally, the more petite you are, the bigger boost to Beauty, and the more voluptuous you are, the bigger boost to Raunch.

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Each night is 1 encounter of your choice, and there are a total of 20 encounters, so the game encourages replays.There are also Vaginal Capacity and Anal Capacity stats. You may not be able to take some things inside your body if you're too tight.Rumors will spread about these stats around town, however, and they may reflect on your reputation stats.Your goal in life: to become the most famous whore in the lands.You will do this by raising your reputation via two stats: Adoration and Infamy.

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