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There are many excellent sources on the internet for improving your dating skills.

No matter what your skill level is, you can dramatically improve your success if you learn some new ways of approaching and interacting with women.

For women, attraction is not nearly so much about physical appearance, and much more about behavior, body language and voice tone.

I suggest you sign up for some of the free newsletters from the companies or teachers listed below.

They all offer a free newsletter and they are usually filled with good quality free information and will give you a sense of what these teachers have to offer.

Everyone listed on this website is reputable and will quickly end your newsletter subscription if you so request. This company offers both CD's, DVD's and live training programs to teach some essential social skills to improve your dating and relationship life.

All these points add up to making it an easy to implement program. It keeps to the foundational knowledge of the pick up community and makes limited use of video or other media that could be useful (i.e. The Stylelife Academy was the first move to revolutionize dating coaching by moving it online and using e Learning (which is less coach intensive).I have listed here several highly effective programs, sold by dating specialists on the internet.Some will help with your effectiveness in face to face interactions with women.I think that all of these teachers are reputable and that you will get value from their newsletters and become aware of the information products they sell.All the ones listed here will have an easy way to get off of their email list if you choose.

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