Dating the newly divorced man classic online dating for singles

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There might also be concrete reasons why such a liaison is unthinkable - it was a violent relationship, for example, or your spouse was a serial cheater.

But Linda and Billy are far from the only ones to find marital bliss once again by remarrying their ex.

Ultimately, though, while I didn't appreciate it at the time, I look back and see we had a great life together.

We both had jobs we enjoyed, holidays and two gorgeous daughters.' Billy and Linda's silver wedding anniversary was held in style - a party in a nearby hotel with a buffet for 150 people.

We began arguing because he thought our marriage was fine.

Then one day I snapped, and decided to leave.' In hindsight, it is a decision that Linda still feels guilty about. 'I just wanted out - I even said to Billy he could have the house when the lawyers started dividing our assets.

'People congratulated us,' says Linda, 'and I felt proud that we were one of those couples who had weathered the storms and made our relationship work.' The couple even went on a celebratory holiday of a lifetime to Kenya.

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'I looked at that decree absolute, and after all the fighting and haggling, I was suddenly overcome with grief. 'But more than that, I had a nagging feeling that our divorce was a huge mistake.' Such a mistake, in fact, that in July last year - and seven years after they got divorced - Linda, now 53, and her husband Billy, 58, a businessman, remarried.

'I've noticed that when a divorce that has taken a few years to finalise comes through, at least one partner can feel they made too hasty a decision,' she says.

'But by the time they realise that, so much bad feeling has come between them it can be hard to find a way back.

In fact, while statistics on remarriage to an ex are not routinely recorded, according to counselling service Relate one in four people regrets their divorce.

Considering that divorce and separation hold second and third place in the psychiatric scale of life's most stressful events (death of a spouse comes first), and that divorced people are about 35 per cent more likely to consult their GP than married couples, it's not surprising many find being single again isn't quite what they thought it would be.

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