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This is a small illustrated essay on the collection of my mother-in-law's bone china. Who has not beholden an antique Chinese porcelain of stunning beauty.

She got them from her own mother and mother-in-law. The history of porcelain goes deep into Chinese antiquity.

The mark 'Royal Adderley' was also used after the 1947 merger, especially for bone china tea sets.

The 'Royal' tag was transferred from the Ridgways warrant.

The toughness, strength, and translucence of porcelain arise mainly from the formation of glass and the mineral mullite within the fired body at these high temperatures.

The Chinese were already using delicate porcelain teapots and bowls in their tea drinking ceremonies,during the period Europe got introduced to tea.

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English potters started by copying some of the designs produced in China.

Invention of Bone China and the reign of English China The most important advancement in porcelain making came from Josiah Spode in late 18th Century.

He invented and perfected a process that added bone ash, flint and feldspar to the English clays.

It did not just give the world-embracing brew, but also the fine porcelain in which it was to be consumed.

Generally, it is a ceramic material made by firing raw materials, including clay in the form of kaolin and petuntse, in a kiln to temperatures between 1,200 °C (2,192 °F) and 1,400 °C (2,552 °F).

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