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I should have known from her statement that "feisty" liked to sing out of car windows, even when they were stopped at lights.

You were looking for someone to help you survive the process. I was just beginning to suspect that the whole dating scene was a sham, designed not to enable people to settle down, but the opposite, to keep them in a state of roving dissatisfaction not unlike a game of musical chairs whose ultimate aim was the continuation of its own perpetual motion, when I met the Absolute Luck.Carter & Carter, which is based at Ruddington, in Nottinghamshire, runs apprenticeship schemes at centres throughout England, Scotland and Wales, training thousands of mechanics each year for the motor car industry; its clients include Vauxhall, VW, Ford, BMW, Nissan, Peugeot and Audi, and it won contracts in America and Australia.The company also provides sales and technical staff, and in recent years it has expanded beyond the car industry into other markets.Almost everyone else on the site, it seemed, so I put a tick next to "yoga" and "baking." "Celebrity You Most Resemble": Seabiscuit.Rereading the whole thing, I was reminded of a stew I once cooked in college, into which I had piled the leftovers of the previous night's dinner, together with as many other ingredients as suggested themselves from the fridge, plus a few of the condiments my roommate once bought and never used, so many, in fact, that they all ended up canceling each other out and reconstituting themselves in the form of a thick brown porridge that tasted of nothing very much at all.

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