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: When they don’t ask if you are seeing anyone else, they are seeing someone else.

In reality I am fine with them casually dating or hanging out with other people, I have a weird life, it doesn’t work for relationships.

While that was reel, a lot of us know people with mental illnesses fighting their demons such as anxiety attacks, depression, etc., in real life as well.

Wonder how a person with a mental illness would be like in his or her interpersonal relationships?

If you are somebody who has sworn by Imtiaz Ali movies, you probably really loved Tamasha.

The movie beautifully portrays how Deepika Padukone’s character deals with her relationship with a man who is going through an internal crisis.

Most of that is my fault but I have come across this cycle where I date people who are dating people, and not on purpose. Life And Art In the fall of last year I wrote a joke about having been “dating” or “talking” to someone who gets engaged during that time, which was and is true.

I’m confused by it, appalled at some points and now genuinely discouraged again. The only part I exaggerated was that it has happened to me four separate times.

I did have one person ask me why I wouldn’t check my texts in bed, was I hiding something? : When an unasked question is answered, it’s a lie.Also, I’m too stupid to really know what I am talking about. My subconscious must have been so uncomfortable with the fact I wasn’t completely telling the truth on stage that it was like, we have to fix this. In the past 2 years I have dated 2 people that got engaged during the time we were hanging out and 3 people who were soon moving in with a person they had been seeing more multiple years.I want the audience to be able to relate to stuff I have been through or at least understand it. Sure I want to blame it on an outside force and I am starting to think maybe this is all a simulation but here is no way that I am not at fault for some of this.My issue is with them being in a serious relationship with intentions of ending up with that person and them not being aware that you are out here swinging your dick around. My indifference has led me to gloss over a lot of things that in retrospect would have been strong indicators of what was going on.More than one of these cases had excused text messaging, where every time they would be texting or calling a certain person they would vigorously explain who it was.

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