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If your potential date sends a picture print it out and leave a copy with your friends.While you shouldn’t give out your personal information, if you date gives out his or hers write it down and leave it with your friends.However, there are still those people just looking for a sexual experience, or who might mean to do you harm. Here are some tips to help keep you safe when dating someone you met through an online dating service.Never give out your personal information to a potential date. Any place where there are plenty other people to see you.If you drive yourself, then you are not obligated to stay if the date is not working out. Women should not wear provocative clothing on a first date.Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in so that you will be comfortable all evening.Founded by Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis, The Bevy isn't your average dating app. Well, aside from the founders' belief that it's a bit strange to arrange a date where both sexes are paying clients, their philosophy is that paying for a dating service is a good indicator of how he serious a man is about finding a companion.In fact, it's not even online — well, there is a website, but it serves as a purely informational resource for those considering signing up. That's right, The Bevy is all about good, old-fashioned matchmaking. In an effort to get a sense of the minds and morale behind the service — plus, a little dating advice for ourselves, too — we asked Tufvesson and Lewis to help pinpoint why so many amazing women seem to struggle with finding love in Los Angeles, and offer some advice for finding success in the realm of dating.

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Here's how it works: With Tufvesson in Los Angeles and Lewis overseeing the Big Apple, the bicoastal company only focuses on these two cities.

There's an age requirement of 26 and older, though they're somewhat flexible depending on the circumstances.

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