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Then Cleveland’s (and the world’s) best player, Le Bron James, played less than his best against Boston, and the Cavs lost the Eastern Conference semifinals in six games.

At the Cleveland Cavaliers’ media day, West said that people would eventually understand that the highway arrest was “not as big as some are making it.” But he was advised by his lawyer not to talk about what happened until after the trial, which was postponed until the following July.

No matter what you heard about this group of people, Simmons wrote, you wouldn’t hesitate to believe it. He had, in other words, become a joke, and that joke had serious consequences.

West, who turned 30 last July, has now been out of the NBA for two seasons.

“I was just told from my brother that a very reliable source informed my uncle that Delonte has been banging [Le Bron’s mother] Gloria James for some time now,” reads one version of the email.

“Somehow I guess Le Bron found out before game four and it has destroyed our chemistry and divided our team.” Other iterations of the gossip sourced the rumor to “someone who works at a law firm that deals with sports litigation,” “David Stern’s office,” “my dad and his friends in Cleveland,” and the general contractor for the Cavaliers’ arena.

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