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The humor itself is all over the map, but with a heavier emphasis on “earthy” than “cerebral”, and uses dialog, art, and silly situations to mine the various pockets of comedic ore. If you add all the snark in the art, it averages over a snark a page, and I think I’m in love.It helps that Kristy is so good at expressions and body language, and has a fine appreciation for ironic poses. While Bran is the comedy foundation on which the comic is built, the other characters also play their parts.Think “office politics”, or “academic infighting”, or “Sorority houses”, and you’ll get the idea.Against that backdrop, we have the Masamune Knights, a hapless bunch if ever there was one.

Celeste Leigh Crofter,who is an apprentice to the High Priestess of the Second Plane, Celeste has pointy ears and only a sketchy understanding of humans–draw your own conclusions.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a likable sort–good natured, good hearted, well intentioned, cheerful, and eager to help people–but he’s also the most clueless individual you’ll meet who isn’t wearing a diaper, a big, lovable ball of doesn’t-get-it.

I would pay money for a video of the Team brainstorming Bran’s next move.

Their leader, Bran Kidd, recounts how he and his right-hand man Jake Skyton were sent to the top of the tallest skyscraper in their city of New Mercy by Mayor Spencer Woodell to search for an EMP bomb.

They didn’t find an EMP, but they found plenty of regular explosives, and were caught in the blast.

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