Difference of dating and courting

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This was an aggressive 6 month program, but I knew that it would pay off and sure enough it did, in 7 months (1 month after the program ended) I was offered a position with another company with a title change that was higher than my current managers! I would like to note that I have the skills and 2 degrees, but none of this made me stand out or give me that competitive edge.

I originally invested in the Crack the Code program in January of 2015 and within 3 months, I increased my salary by 30k, giving me the boost of confidence I desperately needed.

The truth is this: Doing it on your own takes long, wastes time, money, energy and at best produces mediocre success.

That did not interest me, and I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t interest you either.

It is my pleasure to share the results of my experience in working with Farnoosh.

I offered to do this for Farnoosh based upon my individual results which has made me a stronger leader.

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