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To find a new market to make up for this, Walt Disney focused on the South American market and used José Carioca to help promote this.José is practically Donald's opposite, in that he is suave, cool and good under pressure.He also has some trouble with the English language despite being bilingual.When told he'll see a moose during his tour, José assumed he was prepping to see his friend Mickey Mouse.He represents every aspect of the typical Brazilian. His clothes represent the Brazilian "Malandros" ("Ladies Men" in Portuguese) and his happiness resembles that of Rio de Janeiro.

In the film Saludos Amigos, José appears in the final segment, Aquarela do Brasil (translated as Watercolors of Brazil). José gives Donald a tour of Brazil and offers cachaça at a restaurant.

Since, both José and Donald express great joy whenever they have the chance to reunite.

José is also the best friend of Panchito Pistoles who, despite being the most rambunctious and unpredictable of the three, shares José's charisma and prosperity.

In the second segment of the film, José presents Donald with a book about Bahia, one of Brazil's states, as a birthday present.

José shrinks Donald and himself and the two enter the book.

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