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, created and executive produced by Sharon Horgan and starring Parker, as executive producer and showrunner for the upcoming second season.

She replaces Paul Simms, who is exiting over creative differences.

Filming will start after Bicks takes a few weeks to work on scripts.

Popular televangelist Benny Hinn, who late last month announced that he was reconciling with former wife Suzanne Hinn, has revealed that the divorce came about due to her struggle with an addiction to prescription pills."Suzanne started taking certain prescription medications to help her cope with some of her personal struggles.

She became dependent on those for nearly 15 years, and those medications made her behave erratically at times," Hinn wrote in a message on his ministry website.

Hinn, a popular prosperity preacher who travels the world performing faith healings, had previously suggested that it was his time away from his family that had caused marital problems.

We did go on a short road trip for her 50th birthday, which was fun, but the trip I'm planning is much longer than hers was. I feel I am generous to her throughout the year, and I am hurt that she wants to restrict where I can travel. I can understand trying to place a special location or experience "on hold" if you are planning to visit it with a specific person, but the way you describe your sister-dynamic, you are giving her a lot of power because of your guilt over the difference in your fortunes.

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I am planning a road trip for my 50th birthday, and I will pass up visiting a place that my sister and I have talked about going to, because my sister does not want me to go to this place out of respect for her.

I have offered to take her places (and have taken her places), but she rarely wants to go — and sometimes she has trouble getting off of work. She does not get to call "dibs" on locations — especially if she has previously refused to visit these places with you.

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