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“[I tell him], ‘I need you to move this, I need you to move that. Donald Faison and his wife, Ca Cee Cobb, brought their son Rocco and daughter Wilder to the Safe Kids Day event in LA on Sunday.Minka and Faison were together on 2004 and up until 2005.

He also appeared in the film Josie and the Pussycats and starred in several music videos.His role in Scrubs and other television and film roles have managed to make people search the details of his bio and career on sites like the wiki.Donald was born in Harlem, New York City and his parents were associated with the National Black Theater in Harlem, thus giving him an inspiration to act.He has a height of 6 feet and an amiable personality which appeals directly to fans.Donald Faison and wife Ca Cee Cobb are now the proud parents of a baby boy. ” Cobb added, “The happiest day of my life.” While Cobb is a first-time mom, Faison, 39, is already the dad to four children from previous relationships - - Kobe, 11, Dade and Kaya, 13, and 16-year-old Sean.

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