Drake dating christina santini

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This time, Drake’s clothing and accessory line is at the forefront.

The store is set to open on Saturday, December 5, at 130 North La Brea Avenue. In the past, he’s directed a few projects with OVO, including one of Party Next Door’s videos, “Break From Toronto.” Macrae has a particular style of videography that the OVO camp finds fitting for its brand.

Alonso Duralde of The Wrap calls it “a fascinating love story,” and THR’s David Rooney finds it to be “a sensitive snapshot of two ordinary people on the autism spectrum who are determined to carve out a meaningful future together.” Chasing Ice director Jeff Orlowski takes his cameras under much warmer seas for his latest documentary, an investigation of coral bleaching—a sign of mass coral death—that is occurring more frequently with each passing year. THR’s Leslie Felperin finds to be a “laudably well-intentioned but way too on-the-nose comedy-drama,” but Owen Gleiberman of Variety likes this “small-scale but elegantly deft squirmfest that features a luminous performance by Salma Hayek.” In Ry Russo-Young’s (Nobody Walks) adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s best-selling young-adult novel, Zoey Deutch (Everybody Wants Some!! ) stars as a high schooler who finds herself repeatedly living the same day.

From Bermuda to the Bahamas, Hawaii and eventually the Great Barrier Reef, Orlowski and his team race to document indisputable evidence of this underwater catastrophe, and David Rooney of THR believes they succeed, “The irrefutable visual evidence presented here would be hard for even the most stubborn climate change skeptics to ignore, detailing devastating losses to one of nature's most stunning creations that also threaten the foundations of a vital food and oxygen source.” Also impressed, Steve Greene of Indiewire writes, “Obstacles add drama without detracting from the larger issues at hand because the film does such a good job of showing how they’re intertwined.” Note that dollar amounts in distribution deals listed below are unconfirmed estimates as reported by various trade publications. Jasna Fritzi Bauer stars as Mifti, a 16-year-old wild child who takes full advantage of the Berlin nightlife and falls for a mysterious older woman. Times finds the film’s final passages “particularly suspenseful and provocative,” but the A. Yes, it’s Groundhog Day (or a less violent Edge of Tomorrow), but Justin Chang of the L. Times finds Russo-Young’s “elegant play with time,” while not as distinguished as those previous titles, still effective in achieving its “strange, paradoxical goal," adding, "The tedious repetition of a single day becomes a stirring reminder of just how little time we really have to spend with each other.” Director Cate Shortland's (Somersault, Lore) and screenwriter Shaun Grant’s (The Snowtown Murders) adaptation of Melanie Joosten’s novel stars Teresa Palmer as an Australian woman who falls for a schoolteacher (Max Riemelt) while traveling in Berlin, only to end up held captive by this seemingly nice man.

As a way to capitalize on the wait, Drizzy is opening a new spot in Los Angeles, California. Drake has opened a few spots during his music projects.

Here are five things you likely don’t know about Bonnie Raitt.

She’s not your typical pop songstress, instead Bonnie Raitt is the consummate blues singer-songwriter.

Her parents were musicians; her father performed on stage and in films.

The audience winner was Crown Heights, and while not a hit with critics, the based-on-a-true-story drama captured the hearts of festivalgoers with its dramatization of the personal toll taken on those falsely imprisoned.

While no film sold for a record-setting sum like last year (when the controversial The Birth of Nation was picked up for .5 million), the proliferation of buyers resulted in eight films selling for at least million.

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