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I have two pieces of art in my house that were created by Jack Binder.

I got them around the time that we shot this movie, so I think I was a little inspired by it.

I actually wanted to take some of the paintings home that are in the film.

In 2012, she starred in a reality television series about her life, Mrs. Eastwood made brief appearances as a reporter in two of her husband's films, True Crime (1999) and Blood Work (2002).It will depend on what kind of film it is and what locations we are trying to recreate.Britt: Yeah, like the locations for “The Best of Me” were gorgeous., which interweaves the present-day love story of Luke (Eastwood), a bull-riding stud, and Sophia (Robertson), an aspiring art gallery owner, with flashbacks of Ruth (Chaplin) and Ira (Jack Huston and Alan Alda), Jewish immigrants living in WWII-era North Carolina. They both ultimately sacrifice their dreams for their men. As long as you're not sacrificing yourself or changing who you are — you're becoming one with another person and creating a life within that relationship. They both believe in going after what they want, and not sacrificing their dreams. that's the opposite of what I would think [they did]! And any sacrifice made in the name of love is awesome. Britt: You choose to be with that person and make whatever decisions you have to make.

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