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Seemingly drawn to bouts of misfortune, A Haunting Curse found the revised Goatwhore lineup of Duet, Falgoust, drummer Zack Simmons (ex-Nachtmystium) and bassist Nathan Bergeron, fleeing the debilitating floods of Hurricane Katrina.

In 2012, Goatwhore again raise their cloven hoofs in salutation to Blood For The Master.Led by the traditionally iconoclastic sermons of the leather-throated Falgoust, and made whole by its mammoth guitar tone, unconditional drum/bass battery and Duet's intermittent snarls of wrath, the record again challenges god's legitimacy/authority while further exploring the ritual of death.Conveyed with a poetic, near occultish grace, songs like violent opener "Collapse In Eternal Worth," "Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos," and "In Deathless Tradition" finds Falgoust, dubbed "one of the best live and recorded singers in metal history," by notable Canadian website Hellbound, in full domination mode. "I don't like repeating things but I've started doing more chorus-verse-chorus stuff.But not in a way that it sounds like power metal or anything like that.It's like an extremely metal version of us." "I thought this was a lot harder to write just because we didn't want to repeat ourselves," he further notes.

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