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This can be checked by right-clicking and examining or inspecting the tree.

The amount of players that need 100% to kill the evil tree depends on the total amount of players cutting the tree.

Different levels are required to cut and burn different tree types; see table below.

Chopping the evil tree and roots earns Woodcutting experience; lighting kindling gives Firemaking experience, both at the base of the evil tree while alive, and at the bonfire once the tree has died.

As such, it is possible to world hop to find another evil tree in the regrowth time period.

However, players can inspect saplings and young trees to find out what they will grow into to avoid interacting with evil trees they may not have the required levels for.So if you think an item qualifies, don't hestitate to let us investigate.The Evil Tree is a bidaily Distractions and Diversions.For Buyables: We will use the Shop Wiz to verify your suggestion, and in the process we may come up with our own average price.Reports are also not always checked immediately, so what we find may slightly differ!

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