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If you can, try to get a refund, but it can be already too late.

This number I see on the Advan Date site (1-843-732-4944) is a Skype number. It's not Advan Date that is the scam, it's Rick Jacobson that is the Scam. If you are associated with him now, try to get away from him asap. I say this based on my own and others personal experience.

etc) You work day and night to modify and get everything up and running, trying to work around the bugs and shortcomings - and then WOW, after nearly a year a new version upgrade.

First you must PAY for new version, and then start all over again.

I know, I've tried using advandate for several years and just when you think you could possibly get it to work BAM, they drop it and have something else.. Advandate is an insult to website designers everywhere.

So reply back to me if you have a remedy for this ridiculous situation!

This is beyond illegal to scam customers into buying a bugged-out software, with very little to no support (and limited "unique" templates) and then have them scurrying to pay more just to fix YOUR software...

we are the customers, we shouldn't be fixing your errors.

BEWARE OF Advan Date Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE are fake reviews done by the competition. We are filing a Multi Plantiff Federal lawsuit against them for running what we believe to be the largest SCAM in U. You can call me direct if you have any information.

I guess this is what you get when you're the leading dating software provider located in America. I made some bad reviews and my serial number was revoked but I noticed my money wasn't refunded.

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