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In some states, if you write about political matters, you may have protection under laws that make it illegal to discriminate against you for engaging in political activity.

For more information on your rights as a smoker visit our page on Smoking and the Workplace.For more information see the Workplace Fairness page dedicated to Social Networking and Computer Privacy.Additional information can also be found at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Blogger's FAQ on Labor Law.And if you use your blog to communicate with your coworkers for the purpose of forming a union or otherwise banding together to oppose bad working conditions, you may be protected by labor laws which allow you to engage in concerted activity for "mutual aid and protection." See our site's retaliation for union activity page for more information.The protections listed above are fairly limited, so if you are concerned that your employer will retaliate against you for what you're saying, or you would just prefer to keep it private, the safest bet is to blog anonymously or to restrict access to your blog.

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