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(You can help support people with cancer through fantasy by buying Ultimate Burlesque and Ultimate Decadence: erotica anthologies with all profits going to Macmillan Cancer Support.) On a similar note, some of the fantasies on the site would be foolish to attempt in real life.

Please bear in mind that this is fantasy, not reality and that safe sex is important to protect yourself from all manner of nastiness: picking up strangers can be fraught with risk; BDSM activites should only be entered into once the requisite guidelines are understood; and, generally, if you want to have fun, it's worth using your brain as well as your body to keep yourself safe.

Because we care, we went ahead and gathered the best FREE online erotic stories you can find.

This site is designed for adults, so if you’re under eighteen, visit Bish Training (UK) or Scarleteen (US) instead.Should you want fun for more than one, check the Group Erotica and if you prefer your sex involving two people of the same gender, visit the Queer Erotica section Some stories appear in multiple categories as they involve queer group sex or straight kinky sex, You can also use the search facility to find stories involving your favourite sex acts too: every story is tagged with a guide to content and tone.Basically, we try to help you find the erotica of choice in as many ways as we can.However, if contributing stories, please use protection as far as possible.It helps increase positive attitudes to condom use so you can help decrease STI rates while sharing your fantasy.

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