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[step 4] Ensure that Contacts are synced with i Cloud by flicking the switch beside it to the “on” position. Now download & install the i Cloud Control Panel for Windows from Apple’s Website.

[step 6] Open the i Cloud from the Start Menu (under All Programs) and sign in with the Apple ID and password.

A common problem with Outlook is the infamous data file issue that pops up when you launch Outlook and says it must check the data file for constency because it was not shut down properly.

In Outlook 2003 this is annoying because Outlook is unusable until the check completes, which can take a long time for large PST files.

Previously i Phone OS, Apple's i OS is the company's own mobile operating system developed and originally released on the Apple i Phone and the Apple i Pod Touch back in 2007.

Several years later it was renamed to i OS and was extended to support other Apple devices such as the i Pad, 4th Generation Apple TV and the Apple Home Pod.

Here’s a little secret: The way to shut down Outlook properly when you’re shutting down Windows is not to shut it down at all. Don’t shut down Outlook when you’re getting ready to shut down your machine. Because when you shut down Outlook, the window goes away, but the process continues running for some time doing file system work on your PST files. EXE sitting there in the Task Manager for some time after closing the window.

However, when you tell Windows to Shut Down, it tell each OPEN WINDOW to shut itself down, and waits for all OPEN WINDOWS to close before it starts killing off processes.

Here’s how to do just that: [procedure] [step 1] Open the Settings app on your i Phone or i Pad device’s home screen. [step 3] Log in to i Cloud using an existing Apple ID or Mobile Me account, or create a new account from the screen.EXE process, then if windows closes all of the other open windows (if any) before OUTLOOK.EXE is done doing its file stuff, windows will kill the OUTLOOK.visible UI on the screen) when you shut down your operating system.The “fix” for this behavior is to either: 1) Close Outlook a long time before you shut down your PC (or open task manager and make sure OUTLOOK. or 2) Leave Outlook open when you perform your Start – Shutdown procedure, and let Windows worry about closing it.

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