Fender ultimate chorus amplifier dating

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Original Fender 10K linear, screw, bias potentiometer. HUM BALANCE CONTROL - 100 OHMS Used on Fender amps starting in the mid 1970s for hum balance adjustment with a screwdriver from the rear panel. Original Fender part number 0028421000 (or 028421).

Used in vintage blackface and silverface models, as well as the reissued Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb models. Used In Princeton 65, 65 DSP, and 650 (Normal Volume), Princeton 112 & 112 Plus (Clean Treble & Bass), KXR 60 (2 Volumes), KXR100 (3 Volumes) Frontman 15G & 25R (Normal Volume), Champion 30 & 30 DSP (Volume) Bullet Reverb (Volume) And Similar Amps. Used In Acoustasonic Junior DSP (Channel 2 Gain), Princeton 65, 65 DSP, and 650 (Normal Treble), Princeton 112 & 112 Plus (Both Volumes), Bassman 25 (Volume, Aux Level) And Similar Amps. Used In Princeton 65 (Drive and Drive Ch-Treble) Princeton 112 and 112 Plus (Gain and Drive Ch-Treble), Frontman 15G and 25R (Gain, Drive Volume and Drive Ch-Treble), Champion 30 and 30 DSP (Gain, Drive Volume and Treble) Bullet Reverb (Gain, Drive Volume and Treble) Princeton 65 DSP and 650 (Drive and Drive Ch-Treble) And Similar Amps. Used In Acoustasonic Junior (Chorus Rate and Depth), Acoustasonic 30 (Chorus), Princeton 65 and Princeton 650 (Drive Ch.

All warranties, stated or implied are held with the product manufacturer and they vary from item to item.

Consult the documentation that came with your product for details in addition to the information below.

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Available in A10K (Middle), C50K (Vibrato Intensity), B100K (Reverb Level), A250K (Bass or Treble), and A1M (Volume) rotation. For a downloadable pot cross-reference for Fender brownface models, click here. For a downloadable pot cross-reference for Fender tweed models, click here.

Dating Fender Amps 1951-1967 – Tube chart on the inside of the amp is stamped with two letters (A – Q): The first letter designates the year and the second letter designates the month.

A 1951 JAN B 1952 FEB C 1953 MAR D 1954 APR E 1955 MAY F 1956 JUN G 1957 JUL H 1958 AUG I 1959 SEP J 1960 OCT K 1961 NOV L 1962 DEC M 1963 N 1964 O 1965 P 1966 Q 1967 Mid ’70s – early ’80s – Amplifiers are dated much the same way as Fender guitars from the same era: B 5 digits 1975 – 1976 A6 5 digits 1976 A7 5 digits 1977 A8 5 digits 1978 A9 5 digits 1979 F0 5 digits 1980 F1 5 digits 1981 F2 5 digits 1982 – 1983 F3 5 digits 1983 – 1984 F4 5 digits 1984 – 1985 F9 5 digits 1979 – 1980 Dating Contemporary Fender Amplifiers All Fender amplifiers manufactured from 1990 – present include a date code printed on the quality assurance (QA) sticker on the back of the amp chassis, and are dated the by the first letter as the year and the second letter as the month.

speakers, solid-state chassis, reverb, chorus, front black control panel, two inputs, 11 black knobs (v, t, m, b, r, g, limiter, presence, v, chorus rate, chorus depth), stereo and mono effects loop, two-button footswitch, black tolex covering, silver grille, 39 lbs., mfg. The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.

speakers, solid-state chassis, reverb, front black control panel, two inputs, 14 red knobs (Ch. 2: g, boost, t, m, b, contour, p, v, r), mid boost, tilt button, adjustable effects loop, 3-button footswitch, black tolex covering, black grille, mfg. Blue Book of Guitar Amplifier Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers is available through our website as an online subscription!

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