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State why you want to do Masters in a particular field with enthusiasm and purpose.Your answer should reflect confidence in your decision and should outline why doing Masters in your field is necessary for you.Fanakalo in Zulu literally means "same as this" – (fana – same, ka – as, lo – this).

We're going to walk to the beach and then go for a swim, if you want to come with you better hurry up, china.Speaking from experience of alumni, programs implemented in American Universities are very well designed and renowned for their impeccable quality and commendable structure that focuses on building skills.American universities are well known for their quality of education and research opportunities.Ag nee, I stepped on a shongololo, I just bought new tekkies the other day! You know what, lets just forget about the beach and have a braai instead, all we need is some meat, mealiepap, some cool drinks, maybe a brinjal and some other veggies. He was tuning me just now from his bakkie my bokkie is a soutie and a rooinek.

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