Game in dating

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Simply let your guy know that you're very interested in getting're not at tango class, working on your screenplay or dining with friends.

"Show him that he won't dictate the terms of your relationship and that your life is not on hold for him," says Argov.

"You think you're bonding, but he thinks you're an open book to everyone." What you censor — about your exes, family, friends, even your schedule — can be more powerful than what you reveal.

So talk about your job and interests but stay mum about the juicier details.

The idea is to pique his jealousy, not piss him off."Initially, I was digging him, but he would spend more time people watching than he would focusing on me.So the next weekend, I told him I couldn't make it." Dom's reaction?To really work the strategy, end dates and phone calls first, and cryptically mention your other plans with little or no elaboration."When Dom and I first started dating, we would have brunch every Sunday," says Georgia, 26.

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