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If they had noticed, I would have probably gone down a different path,' he admitted.

However, knowing full well he would have his fair share of haters, Rodrigo defiantly revealed: I’m not crazy, I have had psychological treatment but I don't have body dysmorphia.'While Anne and Jayne didn't seem too thrilled for Rodrigo, self-confessed plastic surgery lover Katie gave him a high five as she showed her support.

' Viewers flocked to Twitter with their opinions on Anne and Jayne interviewing Rodrigo: 'Why do those two old bats think they have the right to patronise him?

If he's happy and it's not hurting anyone, leave him be!

It seems like Rodrigo's quest for perfection may stem from his school days where he was bullied as he told the panel: 'Boys would push me down the stairs and push my face into the urinal.

It made my wide nose.''My parents didn’t notice and I didn’t want to bother them as they were divorcing.

Here are our picks for the best ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the Constitution State.

before claiming: 'You won't look like that when you're older!I wish she'd leave the show.'However, Rodrigo seemed oblivious to the criticism as he got up on his feet and modelled his new physique.He also talked through his major transformation with a life-size cut-out of himself - which was labelled with price tags on various parts of his body.He has just returned from a whirlwind '48 hour' trip to Iran, where he spent '£50,000 on a total face revamp.'And Rodrigo Alves, famously known as the 'Human Ken Doll', proudly displayed the results to a stunned Loose Women panel on Thursday's episode - while also listing off the further £400,000 cosmetic enhancements he has undergone.However, his bid for perfection didn't go down too well with host Anne Diamond, who was criticised by Twitter for grilling him - with one person calling her, as well as Jayne Moore 'old bats' and asking for her to 'leave the show.' Speaking enthusiastically on the show, Rodrigo revealed that he had a 'nose job ten days ago' and also a 'chin implant which came in the post.'Ahead of his tenth rhinoplasty, he was warned by doctors that his nose could fall off if he opted for more adjustments.

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