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People here are more likely to spot you and do something subtle, like point, but keep it to themselves. Scotland is the best, a girl walked up to me in a bar and said, "I'm not gonna say I know who yer are cause it'll give yer a big head". the other night and thought: it ain't that far off.I've come to quite enjoy social media and not let it dominate my life but I do spend too much time looking at emails and the news.I played soccer in high school; I was a very mediocre second-stringer on a mediocre team out in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the level of play in the mid-'90s was, as you might imagine, not all that high to begin with.

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But that's okay, because I don't need world-class athletic prowess to rescue my relationship with my own child, thank you very much. And, perhaps most importantly, I didn't need his mom to explain to me how to be a parent like I'm an idiot.

If fidelity and responsibility were what mattered, Matt would get the happy ending. Every so often you'll get some sweet guy hero like Lloyd in Say Anything.

But more often you're presented with supposedly charming fixer-upers, from Han Solo to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman to Eddie Murphy in Boomerang to, again, that ongoing archetype of rakishness James Bond.

But it's not all effortless victory and copulating for our hero. At the start of the film, he's got no job, few prospects, and can't even pay the rent on his dinky little guest house.

His past alpha-male antics (in his time "that man got more ass than a toilet" as one friend puts it) have seriously damaged his relationship with his ex-wife, Stacie (Jessica Biel), and his son, Lewis (Noah Lomax).

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