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The best that we can do is to be as perceptive as we can be and do what we can to let the other person know how we feel.

Sounds easy when I say it like that, but it takes constant vigilance to truly “see” other people and not project our own image of them over who they actually are. It sounds like you have a great relationship and that he probably would be happy to please you if he understood your experience and knew what you needed him to do.

If he views communicating with you as a skill he can be proud of, he’ll want to do it more with you.

Again, most guys downplay this side of themselves or even are afraid to do it because they don’t want to come off as soft or weak.

When you get down to it, relationships are as much about love as they are about enlightenment.

I don’t mean that in some kind of religious or spiritual sense – I’m just saying that a large part of relationships is bringing your partner to a new place of acceptance and understanding of you, himself/herself and the world through what you share together.

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You can just mention it offhand and phrase it in a way that says that you appreciate that side of him because most guys don’t have that ability but he does.We have almost everything in common and I know he loves me too.I’ve always known that he’s not the romantic type but in the beginning of the relationship, he always used to say sweet things at unexpected times to give me butterflies, he used to take me out to romantic dinners, etc.When I work with guys, I put it to them like this: There is no such thing as her “just knowing” how you feel or that it “should be obvious”.Truth be told, this isn’t a guy problem, it’s a human problem – it can be easy to assume that the other person knows how we feel… So what ends up happening is the guy feels like it’s obvious that you know he loves you. or that she should know already and that it would feel forced or fake if they said something that they felt was obvious.

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