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The peels contain fragrant oils, and their zest is often used to flavor foods.

When buying citrus fruit, select specimens that are smaller, thin-skinned, and heavy for their size.

When buying lemons, select specimens that are smaller, thin-skinned, and heavy for their size.

Substitutes: grapefruits (These make an interesting meringue pie.) OR limes OR citrons (These are used only for their peels.) OR lemongrass (in soups and marinades) lime Notes: These tart green fruits are similar to lemons, but they're more acidic and have their own unique flavor.

Substitutes: limes (Many cooks prefer freshly squeezed Persian lime juice over bottled key lime juice for key lime pies.) kumquat Pronunciation: KUHM-kwaht Notes: These look like grape-sized oranges, and they can be eaten whole. Notes: This very sour citrus fruit is rarely eaten out of hand, but it's widely used for its juice, rind, and zest.

Varieties include the Eureka lemon, which is what you're most likely to find in markets, the Lisbon lemon, which shows up in the winter and is smaller and smoother than the Eureka, and the trendy Meyer lemon, which is much sweeter and pricier than an ordinary lemon.

Look for them in markets from late fall through winter.Substitutes: grapefruit (not as sweet) OR orange (smaller) The family of stone fruits includes cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, and peaches.They all arrive in the summer, though you can sometimes find pricey imports during the off-season.Varieties include the popular tangerine, the seedy but juicy honey tangerine = Murcott, the satsuma orange, the sweet and tiny clementine orange, and the seedy and orange-flavored temple orange.Substitutes: orange orange = sweet orange Notes: Most American oranges are produced in Florida and California.

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