Groupwise shared address book not updating

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Following a traumatic event, memories are affected by the trauma, time, subsequent discussions with others and exposure to media, photographs and video.There is an abundance of psychological literature and scientific research on the fallibility of memory in high-stress situations and this supports what we have seen in our Review.

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People across New Brunswick and the country were shaken to their core as they tried to make sense of such a senseless tragedy.

In addition, the team received assistance from a number of contributors who are subject matter experts in their respective areas.

Our goal from the beginning was to learn from this tragedy so that members in the future, who perform their duty at enormous personal risk, will have the best training, tools and operating procedures the RCMP can provide.

We have met with families of the fallen and have collectively spoken with hundreds of people including the members who were present while shots were being fired and many others who responded in the following days.

We have talked with civilian witnesses and walked their neighbourhoods countless times to piece together what took place.

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