Gta 4 dating walkthrough ps3 dinner dating in orange county

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Do not call her when she’s not awake or her fondness of Niko will go down.

Also once you arrange a date with her do not take over an hour in the game’s time to pick her up or her fondness will also go down.

Drive to Roman’s place with your drunk cousin in tow. It’s your Call Another simple mission, and your first chance to use your mobile phone. Three’s A Crowd Another mission with the loan sharks. Then go pick up Michelle, then take her back to her apartment.

Just watch out for the loan sharks and phone Roman when they arrive. Call Roman and he’ll tell you to buy some clothes - just don’t spend too much, because money’s tight at the moment. We’re not sure if you need to win, but she’s so hopeless at bowling that you probably will anyway. After this, you can call her anytime to set up another date.

For those of you who want to relish every twist and turn in GTA IV's sordid story, we suggest that you quickly click herefor a completely spoiler-free version of this walkthrough, therebyavoiding any game-ruining revelations (and while you're at it,remember to check out our Grand Theft Auto IV Information Hub).Niko can date five different girls throughout the game.Michelle and Kate are girls that he meets while the story is in process, and the other three he meets through contacting them on the internet.To raise the girl’s fondness on dates and make it a successful date you will need to take her places shes likes.There are provided ratings of what each girl thinks of each place that range from 0-100, 100 being she loves it, 0 being shes hates it.

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