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Kudu Session is separate from Kudu Client because, in a multi-threaded application, different threads may need to concurrently execute transactions.

Fixes for resolv.conf(5) handling: Don't leak a file descriptor if there are no contents for resolv.conf(5), and delete this file if it is zero-length; allow for only tail to go into

A Kudu Session belongs to a specific Kudu Client, and represents a context in which all read/write data access should take place.

Within a session, multiple operations may be accumulated and batched together for better efficiency.

make(1) fixes: be more strict in recognising keyword() constructs; don't ignore unknown keywords; uniform white space handling; don't output a "." at the end of directory; complement "need an operator" fatal error message with the actual line content.

smtpd(8) improvements: log more events, with each messages prefixed with a token to identify its class; implement "smtpctl(8) monitor" to display updates of selected internal counters; when reloading the on-disk queue at startup no longer commits a message if no envelope was submitted for that message.

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