Hlstatsx not updating team fortress 2

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We celebrated our 6th birthday on August 25th this year.

With a reduction in update frequency that TF2 experienced all of last year I personally felt that the game was going down hill a bit.

It's been noted that a recent update turned it into spyware.

It's basically sending a log of every web request (and post) you make from any website to whoever purchased the plugin (allegedly csgofast owns it now), and they could be logging personal information.

Featuring 3 new community maps: Brimstone, Pit of Death, and Maple Ridge Event Added the Creepy Crawly Case Contains 22 new community-created items that make-up the Creepy Crawly Collection Has a chance to give one of 3 community-created Halloween-restricted items as a bonus item Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item Added a taunt Unusualifier A new tool that will Unusualify the specified taunt with the Unusual effect listed in ...

Not that anyone on csn plays casual cuz we all play on csn, yea Posted Fri Oct 21, 2016 am by fingerman Team Fortress 2 Update Released October 21, 2016 - TF2 Team An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released.

Maybe you're new here, or maybe you forgot to log in! We warmly welcome you to our community, and hope you'll stay with us. I wanted to thank you all for the great times I have had playing this game.

Register or login and get access to more features of our site, like the chatbox and private forums! I have finally decided to stop hosting the servers due to lack of use.

Well with the most recent update to TF2 I've come back to introduce a few changes to the servers and how they operate.

We've lost a fair amount of the community due to me not updating the servers at all amongst other things.

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