Hot or not for dating

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If finding love isn’t compelling enough, Hot or Not is running a sweepstakes right now offering you the chance to win 00. So if you’re looking for a Valentine or just want to make new friends, check out this fun-filled dating app.Hot or Not is an app that allows you to look at the profiles of other people who use the same service, focusing particularly on their photographs, in order to decide if you like them or not (if you think they are attractive or not).The website died years ago but the concept has now been reinvented in a Hot or Not dating app for i OS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.Note that confusingly, Hot or Not is also called "Hot or..." by the developer but it's exactly the same app.Hot or Not is a good app for people who want to hook up or just meet new people.If the name "Hot or Not" rings a bell then it's because it was a popular site launched in 2000 that allowed you to rate the "hotness" of random members of the public on a scale of 1-10.There are around 5 photos of each member and a brief bio with age and languages spoken.The profiles are Geo-matched to your current location so most of them should be within around 100km of where you are.

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Thanks to this information, you can more easily decide who you like and who you don't.If they feel similarly, someone then has to initiate conversation.But the risk inherent in doing so is being rejected (which no person, male or female, enjoys).To be able to see to the next profile, you have to make an immediate decision: either “heart” them or “x” them.With so many of us being working professionals who have little time to look for a relationship, the Hot or Not dating app makes it convenient, fun, and easy to connect with new people who we otherwise might not have the chance to meet.

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