How do u spell intimidating

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Source: "Weird and Wonderful Words" by Erin Mc Kean Oxford University Press, Inc. © 2003 "More Weird and Wonderful Words" by Erin Mc Kean Oxford University Press, Inc.

Or, the first person entering a house on New Year's Day (or called a first-foot).Currently working on three primary stories (lots of others, doubt they'll ever be posted):"Wizard Runemaster" - Harry / huge harem (9 girls plus random one night stands) - Warcraft Crossover (focused upon Wo W storyline at level 60, 70, and 80). I redid my outline to match, but it honestly just killed me to need to rewrite that much content because I screwed something so simple up. Again, this story has absolutely no outline or plan other than what I think to write on a given day, hence why random weird tangents appear that have no true long-term impact on the story."Last Second Savior" - Main pairing Harry / Aayla Secura & Shaak T & Maris Brood - (Star Wars / HP Crossover). Story was inspired by the two versions of "Sword and Magic" / "Sword and Magic" written by bluminous8 found here on and formerly on fic wad that I believe are both long abandoned. Goal was to make a more detail oriented story, but not go to an absolute extreme with it."The Wizard Ashikabi" - Harry / (Karasuba/Haihane/Musubi/Homura/Akitsu/Matsu/Taki/Yume) - (Harry / Sekirei Crossover) This story has been quiet because, quite frankly, I made a massive plot error that one of my beta's caught and I had to rewrite five chapters starting with the next one from the ground up to fix it.- An abnormal inability to pay attention, characterized by near-complete indifference to everything.Opposite is hyperprosexia, meaning to concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of everything else; and, paraprosexia, meaning the inability to pay attention to anyone thing (a state of constant distraction).- Relates to the blowing of the nose. Both come from Latin word Emunct, meaning "of keen or acute judgment." So, it is like a man of keen scent or a man with a wiped nose.

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