I keep dating the wrong girls

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If you keep picking the wrong girls, there may be reasons for this.It is no trade secret that guys are physical creatures who are completely blinded by beautiful girls.As a female I am no stranger to my male friends coming to me and saying “help I picked the wrong girl”.I have heard this more times than I can possibly count.In the future it is going to be within your best interest to try dig deeper, as opposed to simply going for the best looking girl that you can find.You are going to need to try and practice to not allow someone’s looks to completely overpower your decision about them.

The girl who you may be the most compatible with, may not always be the girl who is happy to let her feelings known to a guy, instead she may be the quiet girl at the back of the room that you don’t even notice.Maybe just being attracted to a new guy is a warning sign that he’s probably a jerk.Or maybe you there are other signs, like he doesn’t ask you questions about yourself or he’s inconsiderate. I know that this is going to be especially hard, but it may be worth your effort to try.You only go for girls who like you first I won’t forget the day that one of my male friends came to me and said “I picked the wrong girl, why does this always happen to me? I remember sitting with him chatting and having a drink.

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