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Didn’t I see this exact same scarf at the Gap for .99?

Cue: Needles thrown across the room; relationship thrown out the door.

I’m not saying he wants to stay together with his wife — just that he likely doesn’t have his head screwed on completely straight yet.

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But let’s be honest (she says as she franticly searches for the thrown needles): less worth it, too.

A guy in the middle of a separation probably doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

He may say he’s “dealt with all his feelings” but, believe me, divorce is never that simple.

(Rowan wools and rosewood needles happen to be my particular paraphernalia – maybe yours is a string of freshwater pearls, or a new sketchpad, or a cast-iron skillet. And then, one day, 20 seed-stitch inches of a 60-inch scarf completed, your hands start to get a little cramped. No big deal, but the novelty is wearing thin and the reality that this lovely scarf will take you six months of your life to complete is setting in. Then, tomorrow, you notice you’ve done an entire row of purl stitches instead of alternating knit-purl stitches.

I don’t judge your addictions, please don’t judge mine.)There’s the rush of the new beginning, a flurry of activity and hope and “what-ifs.” You’ve found The Perfect One. You decide to watch a movie tonight instead of knit. And man, this yarn is scratchier than I remembered.

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