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Doctors believe the girl had been raised by monkeys for quite some time, and her story has so far mystified authorities, sending them searching through reports of missing children in an attempt to identify her, according to the Associated Press.In the Indian press, the girl has also drawn comparisons to Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli, a feral child from Seoni, India, featured as the prominent character in Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” Based on her behavior, it appears she could have lived among the primates since she was an infant, Bahraich police officer Dinesh Tripathi told the New Indian Express.The original headline has been changed, and you can read about the new developments here.Amid a troop of monkeys in the Katraniaghat forest range in northern India roamed a naked human girl, playing with the primates as if she were one of them. But she appeared to be in a comfortable state, until the police arrived.“The way she moved, even her eating habits were like that of an animal,” D. Singh, chief medical superintendent at Bahraich District Hospital, told the Associated Press in an interview recorded on video.“She would throw food on the ground and eat it directly with her mouth, without lifting it with her hands.

He was placed in an orphanage and was later adopted.A disabled Nigerian boy named Bello was found living with chimpanzees for 18 months in 1996 after he had been abandoned by his family.Six-year-old John Ssebunya was found living with green vervet monkeys in the Ugandan jungle in 1991.Another doctor treating her said the girl struggles to understand anything, and makes apelike noises and facial expressions.But over the past two months, the girl’s health and behavior have improved significantly, doctors say.

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