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They also wouldn’t tell me the status of the officers, whether they were on paid administrative leave, suspended, still working etc..

LAPD spokesman said, no further information was available because they were still investigating.

Folks will also have to face the fact that Christopher Dorner is NOT Django..

None of the victims who were shot in cases of mistaken identification came close to resembling Dorner nor did their vehicles.

The names of the officers who shot these folks have not been released.

I called LAPD this morning and they said they had no idea when the names would come out.

In the minds of many, Dorner’s egregious actions weren’t too far removed from the realities far too many have experienced. Discontent with the police ranges from folks in the hood under siege for the wars on drugs, gangs and every other vice the police like to heap on entire groups of people, to the students, activists involved with the Occupy Movement to folks who by no fault of their own saw the economy tanked, lost their jobs and then their homes through foreclosure and had to deal with police holding it down for the banks and locking them out..

In the movie Django was given a couple of breaks from Shultz played by actor Christopher Waltz that he took advantage of which led to him being the hero that burns down the Candyland plantation.

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