Is drew barrymore dating the mac guy

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is by far February’s biggest movie—a romantic comedy stuffed with stars like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, and Ben Affleck and based off of a wildly popular book, which grew out of an equally hyped episode of ).He plays Alex, the romantic lead and dominant male voice in the film, who can’t seem to commit to one woman.

He’s making out with a beautiful woman one night, and Ginny’s character calls, and he picks up! So that’s a sign: Men don’t pick up when they are with another woman unless they really like you. I think love is limitless and by its very nature it's undefined, and so to try to define it or ascribe a set of outlines or regulations to it is sort of pointless. I think sometimes just being on your own is happiness.You know, a couple of people have mentioned this, and I want to say that there are characters in the movie that are not necessarily presented as much as the wanting-to-be-with-a-man women. There was only one kid smaller than me, Judy Loschun, in my entire grade. But when I figured it out, that was it, I hit the ground running.But those women aren’t desperate; that’s not the right term. Ginny [Goodwin]’s character in particular is someone who is just filled with so much love, and wants to find someone she can give that to. So I had a lot of those issues to deal with, and my family was very Catholic and didn’t talk a lot about sex or dating. But along the way, you know, that’s what life is about, getting your heart broken and putting it back together and giving it to someone else.Drew doesn’t have the best track record with relationships to say the least, but she seems to have found a decent guy in Justin and I hope he didn’t blow it.Update: Drew and Justin are going strong, and were seen out together several times this weekend.

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