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The result was a saccharine sweet exchange screened last Wednesday between the “incredibly grounded and very humble” presidential candidate and the English presenter who has mastered both therapy-speak and a West Coast twang.“I have wanted to interview her for a very long time – probably like 15 years,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.“She’s such a unique woman and she has a life and a life story that is so unusual. I know about her politics, but I didn’t know about her.”The interview went so well that Clinton’s camp presented her with a throw cushion bearing the words, “A woman’s place is in the White House”. But perhaps we can forgive de Cadenet’s decline into blandness and that condition known as Los Angelitis on the grounds that her teenage years were such a whirlwind of activity that they offered up enough material to fill several volumes of autobiography. A photo posted by Amanda de cadenet (@amandadecadenet) on De Cadenet was still a pupil at Princess Anne’s former boarding school Benenden when she discovered boys – or, more accurately – men.“I went from being able to walk down the street and be ignored to having men whistle at me,” she says.“I was an insecure young girl and it felt good to have attention, even though it was inappropriate.”With her bee-stung lips and mop of blonde hair she cut a striking figure and was still a young teenager when she started dressing to impress.

Most amateur psychologists have concluded that her chaotic youth had its roots in her parents’ divorce when she was just nine. Aged just 14, she began attending a weekly rave at Crazy Larry’s night club on the King’s Road, where she and fellow teens Emma Ridley and Tamara Beckwith danced in barely-there outfits such as PVC leotards and rubber mini dresses, drank cocktails, popped ecstasy tablets and snorted cocaine.

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As a teenager used to living it large in the big city, she did not take kindly to the restrictions of life in a children’s home in the west London district of White City: “Your freedom, and freedom of speech, is completely removed."I had to eat my meals in the middle of the room because there were so many paparazzi at the windows.

This involved secretly filming Oliver Reed drinking in his dressing room, dragging a man dressed as Father Christmas across the studio by his testicles and introducing a strand called The Hopefuls in which viewers desperate to get on TV went on and did unpleasant things such as snogging an old woman.

Highlights for de Cadenet personally included talking sex and condoms with the late actor River Phoenix and flirting with future boyfriend Keanu Reeves.

The drink and drugs that fuelled her table-dancing antics at London nightclubs have long been dropped.

But since decamping to Los Angeles in 1992, de Cadenet has undergone an extraordinary transformation.

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