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If possible check in yourself a little earlier and get your partner to check in a bit later.That ways you would have submitted your ID proof while checking in however can simply go down to receive your partner at the reception or waiting area and can walk back to your floor and room.Make sure you lock your room behind you and hang the Do Not Disturb sign! The Sonagachi Project was initiated in 1992 in the Sonagachi red light area of Kolkata (Calcutta) as a health education and condom promotion program targeting sex workers.You need to research and find out if there are any in or near your preferred areas.Just book the room online and make sure to choose 2 guests while booking.

Women were recruited to participate with informed consent and interviewed four times over 16 months.

Just try to keep the PDA to a minimum so as not to rouse suspicion.

In most cases the reception will not stop you'll from heading up directly without her proof since you would have just submitted yours a short while earlier.

WHAT ELSE IS MAKING NEWS: Home to almost 11,000 sex workers, women in Sonagachi are finding it difficult to fend for themselves as customers pay them in defunct higher currency notes. “Our boss has told us to take the currency notes of INR 500 and INR 1000.

“Our business is not going good as any customer who comes, is paying currency notes of rupees 5. Our income from the parlour has also come down,” said another sex worker at Durbar, a collective of 65,000 sex workers, including male, female and transgender.

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