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Bronze shared these limitations to a lesser degree, a problem that was rectified until the utilization of iron which is stronger and keeps a sharp edge better than bronze, but has a much higher melting point.[Source: "History of Warfare" by John Keegan, Vintage Books] Smelting ore probably began in China or India and made its way westward.Archaeologists have found the earliest evidence of distinctions between rich and poor, rulers and the ruled.There is no evidence of social hierarchy prior to this period, in the Neolithic, or Stone Age.The latest discoveries, however, suggest that humanity's first hesitant steps out of the Neolithic were probably taken as a result of the development of metalworking and the changes in society that came along with this technological breakthrough." [Ibid] Websites and Resources on Prehistory: Human Prehistory gr/~dilos/; Wikipedia article on Prehistory Wikipedia ; Early Humans elibrary.sd71ca/subject_resources ; Prehistoric Art edu/ARTHprehistoric ; National Geographic Atlas of the Human Journey ; Early Modern Man: Evolution of Modern Humans anthro.; Virtual Ice Age uk/Explore/virtually-the-ice-age ; Stone Age Tools Websites and Resources of Early Agriculture and Domesticated Animals: Origins of Agriculture Origins ; Britannica ; Wikipedia article History of Agriculture said that ; History of Food and Agriculture museum.agropolis ; Wikipedia article Animal Domestication Wikipedia ; Cattle Domestication ; Food Timeline, History of Food ; Food and History ; Iceman Photscan ; Otzi Official Site Some natural copper contains tin.

Some cultures and individuals used Copper Age technology after the Copper Age was over.

This was most likely done in ancient Copper Age sites by continuously blowing a fire through tubes made from wood, bamboo or reeds.

Archaeologists recreating the process need about an hour of constant blowing to produced several copper pellets the size of BBs.

Much of the copper in ancient civilization in Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome came from Cyprus, whose name is the source of the word copper.

To melt copper out the rock it is necessary to keep a fire at least 1981̊F (1083̊C).

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