Laura linney and jason bateman dating

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Deadline reports that Linney will co-star alongside Jason Bateman in his new Netflix original drama series, Ozark, about a financial planner and his family who relocate from Chicago to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

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All the Linney stans out there already know that she’s shot three movies this year, but now they can rejoice in her return to television.

That Wendy juggles parenting skills with Survival 101 may not surprise you. Later, Marty is crushed to learn Jonah has been playing with dead animals. On an elemental level, Marty fears he’s scarring his son with his attempt to appease Morales’ gangster.

She’s not responsible for the family’s predicament, and maternal instincts can bloom in the worst conditions. (the actor directed four of the first 10 episodes and produces the series). The character’s guilt is massive, making for compelling dynamics.

Marty’s fatherly advice, on the other hand, is both jarring and a welcome addition to the anti-hero trappings. “Ozark’s” delicacy makes it one of Netflix’s better original shows. “I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I am trying to make everything right,” Marty tells Charlotte later. It’s the kind of tender moment you might find in a Lifetime movie, not a coal-black Netflix drama.

Bateman is already talking about plans for season two.

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