Laws against teachers dating parents

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But a Massey University study found 1 in 5 schools charged for core subjects.Schools can charge for any "take home" component of a course, such as artworks, craft and so on.In general, we recommend that teachers put their concerns in writing.This has to be done very carefully so you are not viewed as a troublemaker. When you put your concerns in writing, you write a letter that assumes that the administration is not aware of these problems and cannot correct them unless they know.(1) In subsections (2) and (4), "decision" includes the failure of an employee to make a decision.(2) If a decision of an employee of a board significantly affects the education, health or safety of a student, the parent of the student or the student may, within a reasonable time from the date that the parent or student was informed of the decision, appeal that decision to the board.(3) For the purposes of hearing appeals under this section, a board must, by bylaw, establish an appeal procedure.(4) A board may refuse to hear an appeal under this section unless the appellant discusses the decision under appeal with one or more persons as directed by the board.(5) A board may establish one or more committees for the purpose of investigating appeals under this section.(6) A board may make any decision that it considers appropriate in respect of the matter that is appealed to it under this section and, subject to section 11.1 (1), the decision of the board is final.(7) A board must(a) make a decision under this section within 45 days of the date on which the board receives the appeal, and(b) promptly report that decision to the person making the not apply to an individual appointed under subsection (0.1) (b).(1) Subject to the regulations, a decision of a board made under section 11 (6) or a reconsideration by a board under section 11.5 may be appealed to a superintendent of appeals.(2) An appeal under this section is a new hearing.(3) An appeal under this section does not suspend the operation of a decision under appeal unless the superintendent of appeals otherwise orders under section 11.3.

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(1) A person who files an appeal under section 11.1 may request the superintendent of appeals to suspend the operation of the decision under appeal.(2) The superintendent of appeals may, on his or her own initiative or at the request of a person under subsection (1), suspend the decision for the period and on the conditions the superintendent of appeals considers to be appropriate.I want information that explains why it’s so important for teachers to take this seriously, including the legal ramifications.I want our new teachers to understand their accountability with regard to this aspect of teaching.” The boy failed the exam.applies to a superintendent of appeals, mediator or adjudicator for the purposes of an appeal under section 11.1 of this Act as if the superintendent, mediator or adjudicator were a tribunal under the A parent of a child who is required to enrol in an educational program under section 3(a) may educate the child at home or elsewhere in accordance with this Division, and(b) must provide that child with an educational program.(1) A parent of a child who is required under section 12 to provide the child with an educational program must register the child on or before September 30 in each year with(a) a school of the parent's choice that is operating in British Columbia,(a.1) if the child is an eligible child, a school referred to in paragraph (a) or (c), or a francophone school of the parent's choice that is operating in the francophone school district in which the parent resides,(a.2) if the child is an immigrant child, a school referred to in paragraph (a) or (c), or a francophone school of the parent's choice that is operating in the francophone school district in which the parent resides but only if the francophone education authority responsible for that school permits the parent to register that child, or(b) [Repealed 2006-21-8.](c) an independent school operating in British Columbia.(2) If, in accordance with subsection (1), a parent is entitled to register his or her child with a school or, in the case of an eligible child or immigrant child, with a francophone school,(a) the board that has jurisdiction over the school must ensure that the principal, vice principal or director of instruction responsible for that school registers the child, or(b) the francophone education authority that has jurisdiction over the francophone school must ensure that the francophone principal, francophone vice principal or francophone director of instruction of that francophone school registers the child.(3) A school or francophone school that registers a child under this section must provide the child with access to educational services in accordance with the regulations.(4) A person who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence.

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