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A recent update to Wikipedia's software allows dates to be autoformatted through the use of a function () instead of with the link-based markup (2009).This function displays autoformatted plain-text dates per a registered user's preferences, without links ("").After a long debate at MOSNUM talk and elsewhere, a poll and subsequent debate in August 2008 led to the deprecation (that is, the discontinuance) of date linking for autoformatting purposes.Several editors then moved forward with a large-scale manual, automated and semi-automated unlinking of dates.Does the Wikipedia community support the concept of date autoformatting?Scope Autoformatting is a way of marking up dates to allow registered users to choose their preferred display format.

Any large-scale changes can be automated through the use of existing editing tools.

However, several editors indicated their opposition to this change, at WT: MOSNUM and the talk pages of the editors who were unlinking dates.

Discussion continued at WT: MOSNUM on whether enough editors had previously provided input on the issue to accurately represent community consensus.

Beyond that goal, autoformatting enhances our ability to present a consistent date format.

At present, the Manual of Style allows dates to be formatted in either DMY or MDY style, based on regional usage and editorial consensus.

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